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Affordable Care Act
Notebook • Winter 2014
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is President Obama’s new law to ensure
health care coverage for U.S. citizens. Even though the ACA (also known
as Obamacare) had a December deadline to begin health care coverage in
January of this year, there’s still time until March 31st to obtain a health
insurance plan through it. Additionally, the plan is slated to have an open
enrollment period each year. Here are some resources to use with students
to help them learn about and take advantage of their coverage options.
The Health Insurance Marketplace is the federal source
for finding and comparing health coverage options for
all budgets and needs as well as enrolling.
The YooToons Get Ready for Obamacare
This seven-minute video from the Henry J. Kaiser
Family Foundation provides a light, easy-to-follow,
news-style explanation of the ACA’s impact. This video
is best geared toward native English speakers, although
higher-level ESOL students may be able to follow the
video’s captions.
Affordable Care Act Brochures and Educational
A variety of links on the site above, sponsored by the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, explain
to consumers how the ACA affects them. The site
includes PowerPoint presentations, printable files, and
videos. There is also a video in Spanish.
The New Health Care Law and You
Published on the Institute of Medicine website, this is a
22-page guide to help consumers understand the ACA.
Helping Consumers Understand and Use Health
Insurance in 2014
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on
Health Literacy has prepared a discussion paper that
presents basic information to help consumers of all
types to understand their health insurance options.
Choose More Understandable and Actionable Materials
The online tool above from the Agency for
Healthcare Research and Quality allows users to
assess the effectiveness of their patient educational
materials, such as brochures, medical instructions, and
audiovisual aids.
The tool provides a systematic method to evaluate and
compare the understandability and actionability of
patient education materials.
Healthcare Resources
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