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To explore with students the use of new technology with help from the website
and app Remind 101.
With students’ lives moving in many directions, it can be hard to efficiently
notify everyone about important reminders. And yet, most of us who have texting
capability will look instantly—and perhaps multiple times—at new text messages.
A new, free website and app called Remind 101
can help you remind learners about class-related news, events, or areas of
study via text messages. You can do so without revealing your phone number.
Remind 101 is used in all kinds of educational settings; in the K–12 setting,
teachers are using it to communicate with both students and parents.
How to Use Remind 101
Sign up for the service on the website or via the Remind 101 app for iPhone,
iPad, or Android by providing your name and a password. You can create up to
10 classes, and each class will have a unique code and phone number. Once you
provide that code and phone number to students, they can go to Remind 101,
provide the class code and phone number, and they will receive the messages
you send. They can choose to receive messages via email, text, or both.
You can set up messages in advance. For example, one instructor sets up deadlines
and messages for her entire class prior to the class starting. The Remind 101
system sends messages to her students at the appointed time.
Before students sign up, remind them that this is a one-way text tool—meaning
that your students will not be able to reply to your message.
Ideas to Use Remind 101 in Adult Ed
Programs and teachers can use Remind 101 to:
• send messages about orientations, cancelled classes, or special events;
• remind students about due dates, tests, and homework;
• send a “word of the day” message (great for ESOL students);
• let students know when instructors or programs have office hours; and
• answer questions about assignments.
More Information
Remind 101 FAQs
This section on Remind 101 provides
the answers to frequently asked tech-
nical questions about the service.
Remind 101 Resources
This site has teacher-geared
resources all about Remind 101.
How Cell Phones Can Be
Classroom Learning Tools
This article gives practical ideas on how
to use cell phones in class.
Mobile Phones in Adult Literacy
Education Classroom
This six-minute video from the Out-
reach and Technical Assistance Net-
work for Adult Educators shows how
some instructors use cell phones in
their adult ed instruction.
Tech Support Package for Parents
The younger generation often leads
the way with technology. This site,
sponsored by Google, lets someone
“mail” a “care package” of videos to
help another person easily learn a new
technology-based skill, such as attach-
ing a file to an email, a blog, making
screen text larger, and lots more.
See the left sidebar for frequently asked technical questions about Remind 101.
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