Annual Member Report

The annual member report provides vital information about the health of our national network of adult literacy programs and the needs of adult learners, instructors, and administrators. 

All ProLiteracy organizational members should complete and submit this required information so that this annual data can be as thorough, comprehensive, and useful as possible. 

There are three ways to submit:

  1. By mail: Download, print, and return the printed form to ProLiteracy, Attn: Michele Diecuch, 104 Marcellus Street, Syracuse, NY 13204.
  2. By email: Download, complete, and save the MS Word form, and send the completed form as an email attachment to
  3. Online:
    • Complete the online form.
    • For verification, you will be asked for your organization’s membership ID number and zip code. If you do not know your membership ID number, contact
    • Complete and submit. Please note that you will not be able to get a copy of the report after it has been submitted, so please print before submitting.

Annual Statistical Report 2012-13

Annual Statistical Report

2012-13 Annual Statistical Report 

2011-12 Annual Statistical Report

2010-11 Annual Statistical Report

2009-10 Annual Statistical Report

2008-09 Annual Statistical Report

2007-08 Annual Statistical Report

Results of the annual member survey will be made available in early 2015 as the ProLiteracy Statistical Report, which can be used to compare your program's work to national averages to assist with public relations and fundraising.

ProLiteracy 2012-2013 Annual Member Report

Number of students: 245,173 

Number of instructors/volunteers: 99,415

Total member income: $160.2 million



students statistics by gender, age, type, and entrance level

FACT: 73 percent of all programs have student waiting lists. 


Instructor statistics by gender, age, and sources of referral

Services Provided

program activity statistics

FACT: The number of programs offering GED/GED prep services has increased 19 percentage points in 5 years. 

Member Organization Funding


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