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ProLiteracy Releases Educacion y Participacion Ciudadana on Knowledge and Social Empowerment

ProLiteracy Releases Educacion y Participacion Ciudadana on Knowledge and Social Empowerment

ProLiteracy to share paper with 15 partner organizations in Latin America

Organizaccion, a grass roots organization in Ecuador specializing in democracy, transparency, and governance, held a special event in Ecuador on January 12, 2011, at the National Assembly of Quito. More than 80 representatives of non-governmental organizations and national leaders attended as Roxana Silva Ch., a 2009-2010 Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Syracuse University and a specialist working for Organizaccion, presented her ideas on civic participation, based on her recent paper 'Educacion y Participacion Ciudadana,' recently published as part of ProLiteracy's Critical Issues in Literacy series.

 ProLiteracy's partners, PLAMAC and Tú Mujer tuned in live at the event and shared examples of integrating literacy with education on civic participation in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. ProLiteracy international programs manager Mary Kelly participated via video from Syracuse, N.Y., and ProLiteracy international programs coordinator Alesha Anderson helped on site in Quito.

The event was recorded and will be shared.

Educacion y Participacion Ciudadana explains the role education has in civic participation and outlines ways that individuals and community leaders can participate in practicing their civic rights. The paper stresses that when literacy is integrated with education on citizen's rights, people are able to play a more active role in the decision making process, have access to public information, and keep their government leaders accountable. Silva emphasizes that knowledge of one's rights is critical for social empowerment at the local level.

ProLiteracy is proud to have collaborated with Roxana Silva and Organizaccion on this exciting paper. To access the paper, visit the ProLiteracy website or contact Mary Kelly, international programs manager, at

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