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Update on FY11 and FY12 Budgets


Update on FY11 and FY12 Budgets

Based on questions we've received, here is a quick clarification on the member update concerning the long-term Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Resolution (CR), passed by Congress at the end of last week.

After months of living under a series of short-term CRs that have been keeping the federal government operating since the beginning of the 2011 fiscal year (which began on October 1st, 2010), the House and Senate adopted a final Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 budget on Friday that cut spending by almost $38 billion below FY 2010. In my earlier message, I referred to this as a "preliminary FY11 budget." By "preliminary," I meant that, in some cases, our analysis of the precise level of the cuts to each individual federal program was still at an early stage. However, the CR that Congress passed last week is the final budget for the 2011 fiscal year—even if that fiscal year only has another six months to go. (The federal fiscal year ends September 30th.)

In addition, I made reference to "the long-term budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2012, which proposes to eliminate all relevant funding for adult literacy and basic education programs." I was referring to the budget proposals for FY 2012. I wrote "long-term" because the plans that have been advanced to date have far-reaching implications that could be felt well beyond 2012. And, finally, none of the FY 2012 budget proposals on the table to date have specifically proposed eliminating funding for adult literacy—it is simply that we anticipate that the dramatic spending reductions proposed by the House of Representatives would result in drastic cut to federal education spending, including adult literacy.

As I noted, FY 2012 budget debate will be quite a fight, and ProLiteracy will need your help to protect the federal programs that support adult learners and the programs that serve them. Please continue to send your questions and concerns. We at ProLiteracy hope this clarification was helpful.

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