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ProLiteracy and ACE New York Partner on Adult Literacy Services


ProLiteracy and ACE New York Partner on Adult Literacy Services 

ProLiteracy, one of the largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of adult literacy and basic education, recently teamed with ACE New York, which provides job training, work experience, and a lifetime support network to homeless men and women throughout New York City.

Starting in 2010, ProLiteracy and ACE have partnered to establish high-quality literacy services within the ACE organization. ACE decided to embed adult literacy and basic education services as a permanent component of the organization because many of the individuals ACE serves cannot read, write, or use numbers well enough to meet daily life demands in the 21st century. Others are literate but need help improving their reading and math skills so that they can work toward a GED or job credential. ACE and ProLiteracy began a training and technical assistance partnership that includes in-person and remote technical assistance and $10,000 worth of instructional materials for teaching reading, writing, and basic math—all supported through The Charles Evans Book Fund, which ProLiteracy established with a generous grant from The Charles Evans Foundation.

ACE New York held their 2011 graduation on June 7, with David C. Harvey, ProLiteracy president and CEO, and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, a trustee of The Charles Evans Foundation, in attendance. ACE founder Henry Buhl presided over the ceremony, and the joint work between ACE and ProLiteracy was recognized.

“I was so pleased to represent ProLiteracy at ACE’s wonderful graduation recently,” says Harvey. “Individuals who are homeless are seeking to turn their lives around, and adult literacy is often a key component in that transformation. That makes our partnership with ACE a natural fit, as well as a model of participation and engagement that may become increasingly important. When organizations work together to improve our shared communities, we can initiate powerful solutions to current economic challenges. We are grateful to ACE and to Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and The Charles Evans Foundation for their recognition of these important issues and for their continued support.”

Henry Buhl, founder of ACE New York, David C. Harvey, president and CEO of ProLiteracy,
and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, a trustee of The Charles Evans Foundation

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