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Adult Learner's Autobiography Offers Inspiration and Hope


Adult Learner’s Autobiography Offers Inspiration and Hope

Flossie Turner Lewis seemed to be living a complete life as mother to five children and as a performer everywhere from nightclubs in Miami to minstrel shows in Mississippi. Her show business career lasted more than 40 years—and yet the entire time, Flossie could neither read nor write.

Finally at age 65, Flossie enrolled in an adult literacy program and at the age of 72, she earned her high school diploma. Flossie has since become a fierce advocate for adult literacy, lobbying Congress and addressing countless clubs and organizations. She won the Outstanding Student of the Year award in 2002 at the joint national conference of Laubach Literacy and Literacy Volunteers of America.

Now Flossie’s autobiography, “Little Hot Mama: The Flossie Turner Lewis Story” is being sold at a reduced price ($3.99). You can purchase the e-book or read the first chapter free on the Little Hot Mama website. Co-written by Paula Meseroll, the e-book is also available for unlimited circulation by libraries. Adult literacy organizations can buy one copy and put it on up to six devices for students to read. A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports ProLiteracy’s mission to advance adult literacy and basic education everywhere. The e-book is published by Stay Thirsty Press, an imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing, a division of Stay Thirsty Media.

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