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USCAL West Regional Results in Extraordinary Event for Participants from Six States


USCAL West Regional Results in Extraordinary Event for Participants from Six States

Thank you to all attendees, guest speakers, sponsors, and co-hosts for an extraordinary event.

Videos: New Opportunities for Sustainability

     • Part I, Betty Stauffer, Literacy Volunteers of Tucson
     • Part II, Karen Williams, Stanislaus Literacy Center
     • Part III, Rod Williams, Word AV
     • Part IV, Panel Discussion
     • Part V, Q&A

Feedback from USCAL West was overwhelmingly positive:

“USCAL West Regional re-energized me.”

“Sharing amongst attendees was so rich. I loved the tone of the conference. Some conferences have an uptight feel, everyone with their game face on, one-upping each other…[USCAL West Regional] participants were genuinely happy to be here to exchange information and share.”

“I loved everything! I was absolutely touched by the warm welcome—you are my new mentors!”

What a successful event! The United States Conference on Adult Literacy (USCAL) West Regional took place in San Diego, California, June 9-10, 2011. The two-day conference brought together regional constituents from all fronts of the adult literacy effort—student learners, instructors, volunteers, managers, and advocates—to build national and regional support networks, exchange the latest professional development information, and learn cutting-edge approaches to address the challenges facing adult literacy programs. Participants representing six states attended the event.

Notable highlights of USCAL West Regional included:

  • A keynote address by Sandra McBrayer, chief executive officer of the Children's Initiative, a San Diego-based child advocacy agency. An internationally known advocate for children, youth, and families, McBrayer was named the 1994 United States Teacher of the Year by President Clinton, and as such she served as a national education ambassador. She was also the 1993 California and San Diego County Teacher of the Year.
  • A networking reception with popular adult literacy writer Ann Gianola. Gianola is the author of “That’s Life” and “Life Goes On,” both of which include day-to-day stories and language activities. Geared towards English-as-a-second-language and citizenship students, Gianola’s books provide engaging and amusing stories that students love to read. Everyday life themes are consistent across levels, making these books ideal for multilevel classrooms.
  • Anniversary recognitions for Laubach Literacy Council of San Diego County and Literacy Volunteers of Tucson.

USCAL participants told us they particularly valued the conference for refining messages to the community, making program messages concrete with data, organizing support for low literacy students, addressing learners reading at different levels, using a greater variety of social media tools to recruit volunteers and raise awareness, and incorporating social enterprise into planning.

"The energy at USCAL West Regional was powerful," says David C. Harvey, president and CEO of ProLiteracy. "Participants were actively engaged in important discussions around strategic messaging, budgets, and student engagement—key issues for our field. We are grateful to our partners, READ/San Diego - San Diego Public Library and the San Diego Council on Literacy, for their efforts in making this event so meaningful.”

We hope to see you at the national conference in Houston!

USCAL 2011 National Conference
November 2-5, 2011

Westin Galleria & Oaks
Houston, TX

For more information, visit the USCAL website.

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