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Where Would You Be Without Literacy?

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Alice in Wonderland“Alice in Wonderland”…“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”…“Peter Pan”…what helps you read a favorite bedtime story to your children or your grandchildren? Literacy.

ProLiteracy and our member programs provide compassionate tutoring and helpful educational materials that transform lives and lead to a more literate society.

graduation Remember when you walked across the stage and received your high school diploma or college degree? What helped make that special moment possible? Literacy.

Thanks to you, we are helping hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives through literacy—whether they read below a third grade level, need help finding jobs online, or want to study for their high school equivalency diploma.

medicineWhen cough syrup and pain relievers are needed, what ensures you give the proper dosage of medicine to your loved ones? Literacy.

Our multitude of local program managers and our volunteers and tutors put their hearts into our important work every day. They give their time and their own resources because they know adult literacy is actively being promoted at the national level by ProLiteracy at every opportunity.

traffic signsSpeed Limit 55. Yield. Winding Road. What enables you to receive your driver’s license and safely get behind the wheel of a car? Literacy.

ProLiteracy exists to help end the adult literacy crisis, to transform lives and families and communities. And through it all, we count on your support—as we always have.

job applicationApplication. Résumé. Submit. What helps you find and apply for 21st-century jobs? Literacy.

Your generous gift makes an immediate impact. It helps us reach out to even more caring, hard-working, and responsible people who wish to contribute fully to their communities and to our country.

If you are reading this, it’s due to one thing: Literacy.

This holiday season, please consider giving the gift of literacy. If you are renewing your support, we thank you. If you are a first time donor, we welcome you. Everyone is for literacy…and literacy is for everyone.

Thank you so much for your help. Happy Holidays!

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