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Easy-to-Read Election Guide Available Online

New Readers Press

Easy-to-Read Election Guide Available Online

Before heading to the polls, check out the Election 2012 Voting Guide!

Adult learners and ESL students can prepare for the 2012 elections with the help of News for You, an easy-to-read news source written specifically for that audience. The Election 2012 Voting Guide includes sections on reasons to vote, watching debates, and understanding campaign advertisements. It puts into plain words how to cast a ballot and describes different types of voting equipment. The guide also explains how to register to vote.

The Election 2012 Voting Guide offers a comprehensive look at voting in the United States while remaining accessible to people who are working to improve reading or English language skills. It is published by New Readers Press, the publishing division of ProLiteracy.

Each week, News for You provides adult learners with news that is easy to read and understand. Stories include world and national news, politics, health, sports, arts, environment, science, and human-interest features. The simple sentence structure and phrasing make it easier for struggling readers and those learning English to comprehend current events.

For more information about the Election 2012 Voting Guide, please contact Beth Oddy, News for You editor, at (315) 422-9121, ext 389 or

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