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New Anthology on Publishing Benefits ProLiteracy


New Anthology on Publishing Benefits ProLiteracy

The proceeds of a new anthology, "Before Our Eyes: Inside the Changing World of Book Publishing,” will help support adult literacy and basic education through ProLiteracy. "Before Our Eyes" was written and published by English and writing students at Syracuse University to provide a first-hand perspective on the various facets of the changing book publishing business. Through interviews with writers, publishers, editors, book agents, booksellers, printers, and others in the industry, the students each provided a chapter of the book. The result is a collection of essays featuring expert commentary from people in all phases of the business.

The anthology is the result of the fall 2011 semester course "The Evolution of Book Publishing," offered through the Soling Program in The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University. 

“Before Our Eyes” is for sale on the Small Press Distribution website.

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