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Former ProLiteracy Board Member Continues the Fight for Literacy


Former ProLiteracy Board Member Continues the Fight for Literacy

Gary Dixon, president of The Foundation for a Better Life and a former member of the ProLiteracy board of directors, is continuing the fight to raise awareness about the adult literacy crisis around the world.

Most recently, his organization released a national campaign of new billboards and TV PSAs around the value of literacy. The campaign features Alferd Williams, who learned to read at age 70. A first-grade teacher in his neighborhood found out Alferd could not read and worked with him over a long period to help him learn this vital skill. Alferd’s literacy message will be accompanied by several other inspirational messages, including from Oprah Winfrey (encouragement), Nelson Mandela (inspiration), and Henry Ford (innovation).

The Foundation for a Better Life promotes positive values through the media. The messages for the Foundation have aired on seven networks, 900 TV stations, 5,000 theatre screens, and in Spanish in 21 Latin American countries. They also appear on more than 10,000 billboards around the country, including Times Square. The Foundation’s outdoor effort was recently recognized as the most successful Public Service Campaign in the history of the billboard industry. Dixon sat on the ProLiteracy board from 2002 to 2006.

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