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P4A: ProLiteracy Video Helps Promote Adult Literacy

YouTube receives approximately 2 billion views a day for the 24 hours of video that are uploaded to the site every minute. Which may be exactly why KayleeCommons thought it was the perfect place to create and post her video in support of ProLiteracy and adult education.

Her video was part of the ongoing Project for Awesome campaign, which encourages people to create and upload videos to raise awareness and funds for their favorite charities. KayleeCommons’ video debuted in December 2011. Since its posting, it has received more than 1,000 hits.

“We know that 92 percent of people between ages 18 and 24 use video-sharing sites, so having someone from that age group post a video about ProLiteracy and our cause to YouTube is a really welcome event for us,” says Mara Roberts, senior director of development. “Young people using social media to make a difference is the new norm, and we’re thankful to Kaylee for choosing ProLiteracy as her subject.”

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