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Help Us Reach our Goal to Support International Literacy

Today in Egypt, more than 12 million people cannot read or write—nearly 28 percent of the total population. Poor quality education, poverty, and the high costs of education contribute to the problem of low literacy in Egypt.ANBA Egypt

Rural Egyptians have relocated to one part of the city—the tenement section of Old Cairo—trying to escape poverty. But some residents live without electricity, drinkable water, or health clinics. Parents who cannot afford school fees, books, or clothes for all of their children send only their sons to school, and leave their daughters at home. As a result, low literacy among women is one of the major challenges facing the local community.  And in this difficult setting, women are especially vulnerable, putting at risk their health and well-being.

But Anba Moussa Al-Aswad Association (ANBA), ProLiteracy’s partner program in the area, is trying to work to change all that. Through literacy classes that teach reading, writing, and math, women and girls who did not attend school receive a formal education. With literacy and microenterprise activities integrated into classes, participants find sustainable solutions to community challenges and learn ways to improve their own health. Classes provide information on reproductive health rights for teens and girls, and also help women to improve their livelihoods through income generation and microenterprise.

Please join with ProLiteracy and ANBA in helping these women in Egypt improve their lives through literacy. Your donation would support our Girls' and Women’s Health Literacy project so that 200 women in two extremely poor Egyptian communities can increase their knowledge and skills through literacy classes.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the ANBA Girls' and Women’s Health Literacy project by September 30, 2012.

  • Your gift of $20 will provide classes for one woman for a month.
  • Your gift of $300 will provide one month of classes for 15 women including books and supplies, one meal for each learner, and stipends for two home instruction visits.
  • A gift of $2,700 will support an entire literacy class for one academic year!

Please donate to this important project. Even a donation as small as $10 helps us meet our goal. Any amount, no matter how large or small, helps make a difference in the lives of new adult learners.

Thank you!


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