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Celebration to Honor 20 North Side Residents for Digital Literacy Achievements

On Saturday, December 21, 2013, at 11 a.m., 20 residents of Syracuse’s North Side will receive recognition for their new skills in using computers and the Internet. The residents are immigrants who participated in special classes offered during this past year by the North Side Learning Center and ProLiteracy. The classes focused on helping low-income adults and youth learn the computing and digital literacy skills they need to achieve their work, education, and life goals. The program also provides a stepping stone toward citizenship and citizenship education when students become eligible.

“This program did more than teach computer skills,” says Kofi Addai, ProLiteracy project coordinator and one of the two instructors in the project. “It also helped them with their English and literacy skills, which enabled the students to be more engaged in their communities.”

One soon-to-be-graduate, YF, had only used computers in China before arriving in the United States. Now, she has learned how to navigate the Internet in English and use an English keyboard, which has contributed to her improved English language skills. Her story is common across the students, says Addai.

Another student, Lal,  had no familiarity with computers before starting the class. Now he’s creating budgets and databases in the hopes of one day being able to start his own business.

The graduation ceremony will be at the North Side Learning Center, 800 McBride Street, and members of the public are welcome. This program was funded in part with support from the Snow Foundation.

For more information, contact Amy Schmitz, director of marketing and communications, at (315) 214-2580 or


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