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New Prep Materials for the 2014 GED® Test

ProLiteracy, a leader in innovative adult learning for more than 50 years, announced that its publishing division, New Readers Press, is developing test preparation materials aligned with the new computer-based GED® test set to launch in 2014 by the GED Testing Service®.

“ProLiteracy’s vision is that all adults should have the ability to fulfill their lives through literacy,” says ProLiteracy CEO Kevin Morgan. “Our New Readers Press test preparation materials will help adult learners reach their full potential.”

Initially, New Readers Press test preparation materials for the GED test will focus on three key areas:

Revised Scoreboost®
In March, New Readers Press will release a revised edition of its bestselling Scoreboost series for the 2014 GED test. The series will include eight supplemental workbooks to cover topics on the language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science tests. The revised series will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards and has been expanded to cover the complexities of the new math test as well as the analytic writing required by the extended-response items. Additional online practice will help students to become familiar with the new technology enhanced test items. Learn more about Scoreboost.

Teaching Adults Add-on
In April, New Readers Press plans to release a new addition to its popular Teaching Adults series of instructor resource guides. Teaching Adults: A Resource Book for the 2014 GEDtest will help GED test prep instructors to understand the changes in the new test and how they will impact students. It will include tips on increasing student outcomes and selecting appropriate materials—all within the context of using an interdisciplinary instructional approach for GED test preparation. Like the other Teaching Adults books, this one will include a variety of ready-to-use activities for the classroom. Learn more about Teaching Adults.

Writing Workbooks
The writing required on the new GED test is likely to be the most challenging area for many students. As a result, in September, New Readers Press will release a series of three workbooks to address the skills students will need to succeed on the test.

More than 26 states across the nation are already committed to administering the new GED test. Some states are considering alternative tests, called independent High School Equivalency Programs (HSEP). New Readers Press materials will be aligned to help adults study for those tests as well.

“More than 18million people have received a GED credential since the program was started in 1942, and New Readers Press has been a leader in creating and publishing related materials since 2002,” says Terrie Lipke, editorial director. “New Readers Press is well positioned to produce materials for the new test, and ProLiteracy members and other adult basic education programs across the country are eager to provide adults with these necessary resources to prepare for and obtain their degree.”

The GED test and HSEP allow adults who did not complete high school the ability to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma to qualify for improved employment opportunities and the potential for further education at community college or other higher education institutions. More than 30 million American adults cannot read, write, or do basic math above a third grade level, and an additional 63 million operate at approximately only the eighth grade level. 

To preorder these products or to find out more information, please visit the ProLiteracy ( or New Readers Press ( websites, or contactCustomer Service by phone at 800-448-8878 or email

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