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ProLiteracy Launches Major Crowdfunding Campaign to Digitize Adult Literacy Materials

ProLiteracy, a leader in innovative adult learning for more than 50 years, announced the launch of its first crowdfunding campaign to develop a digitized version of its bestselling book series, Challenger. The project will be launched through San Francisco-based Razoo and will run through September 16, 2013.

“There are a great many people who are involved in the adult literacy and basic education issue in the United States, and we know that through this campaign, we can reach an even larger segment of supporters,” says ProLiteracy President and CEO Kevin Morgan.

The “Increase Adult Literacy Through Digital Education,” seeks to raise $25,000 for the digitization of the first book in the 8-book Challenger series. Contributions will be used on content development, production, and coding.

“Once we convert the first book in the series, it will be more efficient to convert subsequent editions, with the ultimate goal of having the entire series converted by the end of 2014,” says Morgan. “With the increasing prevalence of technology and digital devices, digitizing our materials is an important step toward providing our members with the latest tools and making literacy content and lessons more accessible to adult learners.”

The bestselling Challenger book series, which is published by ProLiteracy’s publishing division, New Readers Press, has guided millions of adult learners on the path to literacy—from learning basic vocabulary words to passing the GED test. Challenger uses phonics, controlled vocabulary, and sequential skill development. Skills and concepts are presented in the context of diverse fiction and nonfiction passages relevant to adults. Digitizing Challenger will make it easier to use in classrooms and small group settings, as well as increase its use among learners interested in individual, self-paced instruction.

To learn more about “Increase Adult Literacy Through Digital Education,” visit the project website, or contact Amy Schmitz, director of marketing and communications, at or (315) 214-2580.

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