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Literacy Leads to...a Honda

Literacy is about more than just reading and writing—sometimes, it’s also about car ownership!

Fran and her daughter

Just ask Francelli Manji of Helena, Montana. Because of her work with the Lewis & Clark Literacy Council, she was able to purchase her first car and obtain U.S. citizenship.

Her success was possible, in part, due to the National Book Fund (NBF), established by ProLiteracy, which provides grants to literacy programs that cannot afford to buy books for their students.

The Lewis & Clark Literacy Council used the NBF materials in training their tutors in order to make triumphs like Francelli’s possible. Along with Francelli, three other students achieved U.S. citizenship, three students obtained better paying jobs, and five students were able to navigate the American school system better and therefore further participate in their children’s educations.  Fifty students were directly involved in learning programs that benefited from NBF in Helena, and 28 children and family members indirectly benefitted.  

Through programs such as those available at the Lewis & Clark Literacy Council, with support from ProLiteracy and the NBF, it is possible to make Francelli’s success story a reality for all students. 

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