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"Everyone has a destiny. But it requires hard work, dedication, commitment, honesty, and readiness to reach it.”

Mama Tohr

— Mama Tohr, adult learner and Monrovian businesswoman

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The Literacy Solutions Manuals

This series focuses on specific community development issues. Each manual contains drawings of real-life situations that learners encounter while working on their community projects. Each picture has related questions, vocabulary words, and key ideas.

Teachers use the drawings and discussion questions to lead learners through a process that helps them identify solutions to local problems and becomes a literacy lesson. A discussion about better health care, for example, may include words such as sickhealth, and germ. The facilitator then may ask learners to identify particular letters in the words, the sound that two letters together make, or common letters in different words, etc.

Community members and ProLiteracy’s in-country organizations translate the manuals into their native languages and adapt the drawings to reflect local lifestyles.

ProLiteracy offers fee-for-service training and capacity building to help other international organizations develop customized Literacy for Social Change programs.

Current Titles

  • Parents Are Teachers is designed for individual and group learning to stimulate healthy development. Parents and caregivers use the manual as an informative and thought-provoking study guide for generating discussion and reflection on important topics regarding care of children from ages zero through three. Each two-page unit include a full-page drawing and a matched page of text that includes insightful group discussion questions, key vocabulary words, and short statements summarizing important ideas from current field practice and research.

  • Good Health Begins At Home is a tool designed to help parents and health professionals become partners in advancing family health. This manual highlights issues and information that all families need to consider to prevent disease, treat illness, and advance wellness and safety. While all families can benefit from this manual, it is particularly aimed at families in communities where needs are great and resources limited. The units within the manual also include preventative and curative measures.

  • How To Start Your Own Business is a tool and guide for microfinance and literacy and development teachers and facilitators, and is particularly structured to stimulate dialogue and community learning on a group level. Five general sections within this manual present material to generate discussion and reflection on important topics regarding microfinance and its relation to learners’ needs, interests, and priorities. 

  • Literacy In Action enables service organizations and communities to create tailored literacy programs for local problem solving. This manual focuses on the techniques and perspectives needed to teach reading and writing while advancing community development.

  • Overcoming AIDS is a practical guide to learn effective strategies for prevention, control, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The units within the manual generate discussion on the basics of AIDS prevention, the important role of schools in educating youth, various AIDS related issues, and the treatment and caring for those impacted by AIDS.

  • Choosing to Live HIV/AIDS Free is a brief discussion guide intended to provide HIV/AIDS discussion ideas for parents/caregivers and children.

  • Human Rights in Daily Life places special emphasis on advancing and understanding the practice of human rights among socially marginalized groups. This manual encourages learners to become aware of key human rights concerns, identify local practices that may interfere with human rights, explore the everyday implications of protecting human rights, and take action to promote good governance in their homes, communities, and nations.

  • Building Peace in Your Community is a guide for transforming conflict and practicing peace.

  • Earth Connections is a tool designed to help adults and older youth advance understanding and practice of sustainable environmental principles.

  • Overcoming Diseases in Your Community is a guide for identifying, preventing, and treating ‘local diseases.’

  • Village Banks Working Together is a hybrid manual composed of several units from nine of our other Literacy Solutions manuals and can be used as a discussion guide for community action.

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