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Connecting Adults

By connecting adults in need to programs that can help, more people are gaining the skills they need to understand the financial, health care, employment, and legal issues that affect their daily lives.

Connecting adults and volunteers to literacy programs everywhere.

The link between adults in need and programs that can help.

By promoting adult literacy right inside more than 10,000 Dollar General stores nationwide, we’re helping to reach more adults who want access to literacy resources, and we’re connecting them to programs in their own neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Find out more about the Dollar General store-generated referrals.

The most extensive resource for literacy programs nationwide.

We’ve teamed up with other national literacy organizations to create a database of adult literacy providers throughout the U.S.—so that finding a local adult literacy program is easier than ever before.

Find out more about our National Literacy Directory.

ProLiteracy, with some of our key partners, maintains and supports a variety of referral programs to connect adults in need of basic reading, writing, math, computer, and English language skills with the programs and services that can best help them. These referral programs also connect people interested in becoming volunteer tutors with local adult literacy programs. Volunteers are critical to programs around the nation, helping to reduce waiting lists and increasing capacity. 

Connecting potential students and volunteers with programs immediately ignites the learning process and is the first step toward student achievement. 

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