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Trainer Certification

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Training in Action
"The most important and transformational educational opportunity I had in my life was when I went through a 21-hour, four-part free training to be a volunteer tutor. It changed my life...and led to a very rich, varied, and fulfilling career in adult education."
--Jeff Fantine, State Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy, Maine
Jeff Fantine

Make the most of your Trainer Certification process with these helpful resources, including everything from websites and publications to online communities and courses.

Trainer Tool Kit Access a collection of evidence-based information, activities, and tools for trainers in adult education and literacy.

Online Courses for Trainer Certification Take up to nine free, non-required courses to prepare for your Trainer Certification exam.

Additional Online Resources from ProLiteracy Browse this collection of helpful sites containing online courses, information and research, practical tools from the field, and other resources related to instruction and training.

New Readers Press Explore published training and professional development materials, including free tutoring workshop materials.

ProLiteracy Trainer Listserv Join our virtual Trainer Certification community to connect with new and experienced trainers, share training practices, and find answers you need.

Register Training Participants/Tutors for Free ProLiteracy Membership ProLiteracy provides a free, six-month trial membership to every new tutor who completes a tutor training conducted by a ProLiteracy certified trainer or sponsored by an accredited ProLiteracy member.

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