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An Inspired Workplace


Rewarding. Inspiring. Creative. 

These are just some of the words our employees commonly use to describe their careers at ProLiteracy. Working from our modern, LEED-certified headquarters in Syracuse, New York, ProLiteracy employees think creatively, collaborate openly, and work transparently to help solve some of the world’s most pressing literacy challenges.

5 Facts About Our Building:

1. The modern, open industrial design of ProLiteracy's headquarters features green workstations, multiple conference rooms that utilize some of the latest technology, private offices with glass walls, and the CEO's office located in the middle of the office with glass windows, promoting the organization's values of openness, transparency, and innovation. 

2. The 20,000-square-foot space features an open atrium design in its entry that includes a two floor library stack system. As a space that is designed to foster education and learning for its staff, teachers and tutors, and adult learners. Featured in the stacks are books, educational displays, and interactive digital monitors. 

3. The Ruth J. Colvin Center for Innovation and Excellence in Adult Literacy is a research and demonstration center named after a ProLiteracy co-founder. The Center, is a place for ProLiteracy and local partners to pilot initiatives, conduct research, and develop resources with national and international significance.

4. ProLiteracy’s publishing division, New Readers Press, has been renamed the Robert S. Laubach New Readers Press, after its founder. 

5. The Frank C. Laubach International Programs, also named after a co-founder, will be able to conduct global virtual conferences and is expanding its work in advocacy and training, and is building networks on the ground in 34 developing countries.