Introducing a Revolutionary Career Pathways Platform for Adult Learners
Posted on November 26, 2019

ProLiteracy and Pearson, founding partner of Project Literacy, joined forces to create Workforce Atlas, a revolutionary new online career pathways platform designed exclusively with the adult learner in mind, to help address our country’s workforce challenges. Workforce Atlas is an engaging, intuitive, and learner-friendly platform that adults can use to assess their literacy, numeracy, and career skills. The multifaceted online platform is a comprehensive resource intended to “show” rather than “tell” adults about career recommendations suitable for them.

“Through our partnership with Pearson, we have developed a high quality and proven effective online platform that can be useful with diverse adult learning audiences,” said Kevin Morgan, president & CEO. “Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is at a historic low, U.S. employers are struggling to find qualified employees to fill job openings. The key to ensuring future U.S. economic growth is to bring traditionally marginalized or underemployed adults into the workforce. For adults with limited literacy skills, or those whose first language is not English, the challenges can be great. Education can have a huge impact not only on success in getting a job, but also on earnings. Adults without a high school diploma are twice as likely to be unemployed, twice as likely to live in poverty, and, on average, earn $10,000 less annually than those with a high school education.”

The Workforce Atlas platform includes a user-friendly assessment that measures learners’ literacy and numeracy skills, assessment-based career pathways recommendations including occupations, and online tools, and local providers, resources including popular jobs, interview advice, tips on how to reach personal goals, and more. The recommendations are based on hundreds of unique occupations informed by the open-source data from O*Net, a constantly updated source of occupations from the Department of Labor.

ProLiteracy piloted Workforce Atlas at four different organizations across the country. The feedback concluded that users felt they received accurate occupation recommendations that they would consider and/or are already pursuing. Additionally, the assessment instilled confidence in seeing what users could achieve for their futures, and they found the resume template included in the Resources section of the platform very helpful.

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