Posted on October 22, 2020

SYRACUSE, N.Y., October 28, 2020 – On National Immigration Day (October 28th) Lancôme & ProLiteracy celebrate with free educational resources available via the Write Her Future Institute, a program launched to increase literacy rates among women and raise awareness of the critical issue of low adult literacy. According to the Center for Immigration Studies and National Commission on Adult Literacy, of the 43 million low literate adults in the U.S., the fastest growing segment are English language learners. About 50 percent of the 2 million immigrants that come to the U.S. each year lack high school education and proficient English language skills.

Of the 43 million low literate adults in the U.S., two-thirds are women. By partnering with ProLiteracy® Worldwide, an international adult literacy nonprofit, Lancôme has set a goal to transform the lives of thousands of women over a three-year period by increasing their literacy levels and giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and those of their families.

In partnership with ProLiteracy, Lancôme is contributing free Voxy® education licenses to adult literacy programs in the U.S. Voxy is an online curriculum that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to help develop basic English reading and writing skills. Voxy research shows that 90 percent of users improve their English proficiency when they engage the platform. Within the first 12 months, the Write Her Future Institute reached nearly 400 women across the U.S.

“For hundreds of years, coming to America has provided a new start for millions of people. In turn, those immigrants have helped build a more diverse, dynamic economy that ensures a shared prosperity for all,” says Kevin Morgan, President and CEO of ProLiteracy Worldwide. “Each year about half of the immigrants that arrive in this country are not proficient in English—the majority of those are women. Learning to speak English through programs like the Write Her Future Institute helps women find better jobs, effectively interact with the health care system, and become more engaged in their children’s education,” says Morgan.
“Recognizing the importance of increasing the literacy rates of women in the United States, Lancôme USA launched the Write Her Future Institute on International Literacy Day in 2019 to help empower women by improving their literacy skills,” says Stuart Leitch, President of Lancôme. “While each of their immigration stories is unique, these women share a common goal of improving their lives and their families through continuing education and Lancôme is proud to support that goal.”


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About ProLiteracy
ProLiteracy Worldwide advances and supports programs to help adults acquire literacy skills needed to function more effectively in their daily lives. It has 1,000 member programs across 50 states and works with 30 partners in 25 countries to provide a wide range of adult literacy and basic education services to vulnerable populations. ProLiteracy builds capacity among frontline literacy providers by modeling proven instructional approaches, developing affordable, evidence-based learning resources, and providing professional development and technical assistance.
ProLiteracy was formed by the 2002 merger of Laubach Literacy International (founded in 1955) and Literacy Volunteers of America (founded in 1962). For more than 60 years, ProLiteracy has scaled successful practices and driven advocacy efforts by activating its grassroots network, resulting in a broad and sustained effort to improve and advance adult literacy at the community level.