Posted on August 31, 2021

ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy education organization in the United States, announced today that The Nora Roberts Foundation is the 2021 recipient of the ProLiteracy President's Award for service and dedication to adult literacy.

Every two years at the ProLiteracy Conference on Adult Education, ProLiteracy presents the President’s Award to a person or organization whose devotion to and accomplishments in the field of adult literacy reflect ProLiteracy’s mission and highest ideals.

Nora Robert Foundation, Presidents Award

In 2020 the Nora Roberts Foundation helped ProLiteracy kick off their first Great American Book Sale. ProLiteracy raised more than $52,000 in its first year of the fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale provide educational materials, digital licenses, and professional development to the adult education and literacy field.

Additionally, The Nora Roberts Foundation recognized the strain the pandemic was putting on adult education and literacy organizations. In response, the foundation provided a generous donation.

ProLiteracy has had a relationship with the Nora Roberts Foundation for close to 30 years. They have been an annual funder and public supporter of ProLiteracy and adult literacy education, donating more than 2 million dollars to the organization in that time.

Nora Robert Foundation, Presidents Award

“There are 43 million adults in the United States who lack basic education and literacy skills. For adult students, literacy is the key to higher learning and a window to the world,” says Kevin Morgan, president and CEO of ProLiteracy. “ProLiteracy is thankful to the Nora Roberts Foundation for their 30 years of continued support. Their contributions have improved so many lives through literacy.”

"The Nora Roberts Foundation is incredibly honored and delighted to receive ProLiteracy's Presidential Award. Ours is very much a family foundation and each and every one of us is fully committed to supporting ProLiteracy's mission,” said Nora Roberts. “We're so proud to be connected to an organization dedicated to bringing the gift of literacy, numeracy, language and education skills to everyone."


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