Posted on December 20, 2022

ProLiteracy is proud to be a member of the newly established Adult Literacy and Learning Impact Network, or ALL IN. We believe literacy changes lives, and we are excited to join thought leaders from across the country to create social change. 

ALL IN was created as a collective effort of highly regarded representatives of the adult literacy, corporate, and philanthropic sectors who will work to implement the National Action Plan for Adult Literacy, which was conceived by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. The goal of the ALL IN initiative is to ensure any adult struggling with literacy has unrestricted access to high-quality and effective support to improve their reading, writing, and numeracy skills. 

Improving the literacy levels of the 54% of Americans who function below a sixth-grade level would have profound social impacts that would ripple through future generations and communities in the form of higher literacy rates, upward job mobility, increased income, and better health outcomes.  

ProLiteracy CEO Mark Vineis attended a summit last month in Rancho Mirage, Calif., to help launch ALL IN as a formal undertaking. While at the summit, members spent time identifying priorities and outlining steps to raise awareness. 

“Literacy is a right, and ALL IN believes we can remove the barriers adults face to getting help, and we can lead a movement of social change. We know literacy changes lives,” said Vineis. “We’ve seen adults like John Taylor, who we recognized recently at our conference, gain independence and a sense of self dignity after he learned to read at age 63. He’s voted for the first time. He’s opened a bank account. Every adult should have these opportunities.” 


About ProLiteracy 

ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education organization in the nation, has been working for more than 60 years across the globe to change lives and communities through the power of literacy. Our organization provides professional development, resources, and digital tools to over 5,000 member and non-member programs across the U.S. and international partners in 27 countries, helping them to support their adult learners.     


About ALL IN 

The Adult Literacy and Learning Impact Network is a collective action initiative that has convened thought leaders from the adult literacy field and beyond to carry out the National Action Plan for Adult Literacy. ALL IN’s efforts are driven by its vision: a country where every adult can easily access high-quality, effective support to improve their reading, writing, digital, and numeracy skills – regardless of who or where they are. To learn more, visit