How One Phone Call Changed a Life Forever

How One Phone Call Changed a Life Forever

Everyone who works at ProLiteracy is dedicated to improving lives worldwide through adult literacy. Here is one staffer’s thoughts about her work and its impact.

I would love to cry every day.

I answer phone calls from the National Literacy Directory, a joint project with ProLiteracy, the National Center for Families Learning, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation designed to help individuals find literacy and education programs in their area. Over a span of two days, I received three calls from a nice lady who needed help with her reading and writing. She also has dyslexia. She was looking for a program that would be the right fit, so I worked with her for two days searching literacy programs for her to call. She was worried that she was bothering me with her frequent calls. “Absolutely not!” I told her. “That’s why I’m here.”

A few days later she called me back to tell me I had changed her life. The wonderful tutor at the literacy program talked her through everything, and she is now receiving the help she needs. She was so happy. I started to cry and told her she had changed her own life by calling and asking for help!

If you or someone you know needs literacy help, or you’d like to volunteer at a literacy program, give me a call at 877-389-6874. I’m standing by—with my box of tissues—ready to take your call!

June M.


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