2 Ways to Make a Lasting Charitable Impact with Little Time or Money
Posted by Dee Cater on July 20, 2016 in categoryAdvocacy

2 Ways to Make a Lasting Charitable Impact with Little Time or Money

Have you ever looked at the adult literacy issue and thought, “I want to help but I don’t have the time or money?” Sixty-eight percent (68%) of ProLiteracy member programs operate with student waiting lists while government funding for adult education continues to decline, meaning adult literacy programs could use your help now more than ever. The good news is that more and more employers are making it easier for employees to make a lasting impact through volunteering and charitable giving.

Problem: “I don’t have time to volunteer”
Solution: Workplace volunteering

It’s difficult to make volunteering a priority when you have endless professional and personal commitments. As more employers recognize that volunteering is a great way to engage employees, they are putting policies in place to make volunteering easier. According to America’s Charities, nearly 60% of companies offer paid time off for employees to volunteer. Employers also encourage volunteerism by:

  • Allowing skills-based volunteering to count as professional development hours
  • Offering grants to charities based on an employee’s service hours or for serving on a nonprofit board
  • Sponsoring company service days or events

Talk to your HR department to see if your company has a volunteer policy, then find an adult literacy program near you that could use your help.

Problem: “I don’t have enough money to make a difference”
Solution: Workplace giving programs

Contrary to popular belief, you can make an impact in adult literacy with very little money, and you can increase the impact of your contributions through workplace giving programs. Here’s how:

  • With just $25, you can help one adult education student get the materials they need to improve their literacy skills.
  • Many employers offer the opportunity to deduct donations directly from your paycheck. If you deduct just $25 every two weeks for a year from your paycheck, you can provide life-changing educational materials to 26 students.
  • Your contributions are magnified even further if your employer offers matching gifts. If your employer matches 100% of your charitable contributions, you’ll be able to help 52 adults gain the literacy skills they need to improve their lives. That’s a huge impact for what equates to a couple Frappuccinos a week.

Talk to your HR department to see if your company has a workplace giving policy in place. You can also check if your employer matches gifts by visiting

There you have it. Through workplace giving and volunteering you can double or triple your time and money and create a lasting impact.


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