Pledge to Be an Adult Literacy Advocate
Posted by Dee Cater on July 22, 2016 in categoryAdvocacy

Pledge to Be an Adult Literacy Advocate

The world met Cleo when her story aired on the TV series Secret Lives of Americans in early June. During the episode, Cleo revealed her biggest secret to her family and friends—she never learned to read. The world watched as Cleo shared her literacy struggles with her son, signed up for her first library card, and read a book to her beloved nieces for the first time.

Since the episode aired, thousands of people have seen and shared Cleo’s story, spreading awareness about the adult literacy issue. As part of Cleo’s episode airing, Takepart created an online portal for advocates to pledge to champion the cause of adult literacy, with new advocates signing up every day.

Join us in taking the pledge and make our voices heard. Then share Cleo’s story (posted below) and the Takepart portal. Together, we can become a larger voice for literacy!

Take the Pledge


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