Student Success Story from the Ozarks Literacy Council [VIDEO]
Posted by Whittney Reed on September 16, 2016 in categoryMember Tips

ProLiteracy Member Spotlight: Ozarks Literacy Council

Struggling. Stupid. Failure. Robbie Swenson used all these words and more to describe herself and her situation as a low-literate adult. It broke my heart when I heard that at one point she believed her kids deserved a better parent because she couldn’t give them what she felt they deserved.

In July 2014, Robbie visited the Ozarks Literacy Council, in Springfield, Missouri. She was matched with tutor Danita, who helped Robbie complete Ozarks Literacy Council’s basic literacy program. The support and confidence she gained to “move on and move up, and find better things” inspired her to start taking HiSET® classes. In May 2016, Robbie celebrated her high school equivalency graduation. Robbie’s accomplishments are a celebration for the literacy community, because she now has the tools she needs to create a brighter future for herself and her family, thanks to Ozarks Literacy Council.

Since 1968, Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) has helped thousands of Southwest Missouri residents achieve their reading goals. OLC provides curriculum in basic literacy, child and family literacy, and reading advocacy. The mission of OLC is to raise awareness and promote literacy through free services to adults and children in southwest Missouri. Robbie’s success, with the support of Danita, is a testament to that.

Ozarks Literacy Council has been a ProLiteracy member since 2008, and we appreciate its dedication to adult literacy.


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