National Book Fund: Giving Books to Adults in Need
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National Book Fund: Giving Books to Adults in Need

How can you learn to read when you don’t have quality books?

According to ProLiteracy member surveys, adult literacy programs’ student waiting lists continue to grow while government funding steadily declines. When local nonprofits are forced to reduce budgets, the materials budget is often the first to be cut. This leaves adult literacy and adult basic education programs continually searching for ways to provide quality, research-based learning materials to students and tutors. For more than 20 years, ProLiteracy has worked to meet this need through our National Book Fund® grant program.

The National Book Fund provides instructional and training materials to adult literacy service providers in the United States, enabling them to reach previously underserved populations in their communities. Organizations that receive materials from the National Book Fund choose from more than 400 New Readers Press titles, and use the books to provide men and women with the literacy instruction they need to learn to read.

National Book Fund Stats

Since 1995:

  • 1,719 National Book Fund grants have been awarded
  • 375,883 individuals have benefited from the National Book Fund program
  • 39,801 adult literacy program tutors and staff members have used National Book Fund materials in instruction
  • Almost $3 million worth of books and materials have been awarded to programs in all 50 states

National Book Fund: Giving Books to Adults in Need

Programs like the National Book Fund provide a critical need to underfunded literacy programs and underserved communities. Visit the National Book Fund section of our website for more information. If you know of or work for a program in need, sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when the next round of grant applications is being accepted.

If you’d like to support the National Book Fund with a life-changing donation, you can give online by filling out the donation form and selecting “National Book Fund” from the designation drop-down menu.

Here’s to another 20 years (and more) of the National Book Fund!


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