Enter to Win a $100 New Readers Press Gift Card
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Enter to Win a $100 New Readers Press Gift Card

New Readers Press is holding a social media contest where you can win one of two $100 New Readers Press gift cards. All you have to do is show or tell why you like News for You.

How do I enter?

  1. Follow New Readers Press on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Go on Facebook or Twitter and share a photo of your students using News for You or write why you like News for You.
  3. Tag New Readers Press in your social media post and include the hashtag #NFYnovember.
  4. Encourage your followers to like and share your social media post.

The best photo/testimonial and the entry with the most likes and shares will each win a $100 New Readers Press gift card. Contest ends 11/30/2016. Click here for the official contest rules.

Wait, what’s News for You?

News for You is a weekly news publication by New Readers Press. It has easy-to-read news stories for adults who are learning to read. News for You is published both in print and online and includes comprehension-building games and activities.

News for You also has resources for instructors, with tips and strategies and even a weekly Teacher’s Guide that includes reproducible exercises and a lesson plan.

I’m not a News for You subscriber. Can I try it out?

You’re in luck! You can try News for You Online for free until December 14, 2016 with the password POST16. This password will give you full access to News for You Online. Here are a few features you should definitely try:

  • Each article has professionally recorded audio. Learners can listen to the story sentence by sentence and work on proper pronunciation.
  • Build comprehension through interactive exercises and games.
  • Build vocabulary with mouse-over definitions.
  • News for You Online can easily be read on your mobile phone, so you can read the news anywhere.
  • Vote in online polls and write reader comments.
  • Download a weekly Teacher’s Guide with a lesson plan and reproducible exercises.

Whether you’re a long-time News for You subscriber, or you’re trying News for You Online for the first time, you’re eligible to enter the contest. Good luck and happy tweeting and facebooking!


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