ProLiteracy’s Response to Executive Order Limiting Immigration
Posted by Kevin Morgan on February 03, 2017 in categoryCEO DeskcategoryAdvocacy

ProLiteracy’s Response to Executive Action on Immigration

Recent changes implemented as a result of President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration and travel from some countries have begun to adversely impact adult literacy students and programs throughout the nation.

These changes are causing growing concern and anxiety for many students, instructors, and program staff who are working diligently to further the education and English language proficiencies of immigrants to the United States. In ProLiteracy’s 60-plus-year history, its members have served millions of adult learners, many of them immigrants. Each year, 90 percent of ProLiteracy’s member programs provide services to adults learning English, pursuing citizenship, and seeking to obtain jobs to better themselves and provide for their families. 

The long-term trajectory of President Trump’s executive order on immigration is unclear, and the ultimate effect on students and programs is causing increasing concern and confusion in the field.  

ProLiteracy appreciates the important role national security plays in providing a safe environment for all students, instructors, and program staff. While that goal is paramount for all Americans, we remain concerned for those students who may be unduly and unnecessarily affected by these and further changes in immigration policy. 

It is our hope that the administration will take into consideration the long-term impact these changes may have on all immigrant students and work to ensure that the changes will not adversely affect this important segment of our population. 

ProLiteracy will continue to monitor the impact of these and similar regulations on students and programs. We will comment on and provide data to the administration and related departments in an effort to ensure the adult literacy field is represented in these deliberations. 

Kevin Morgan
President and Chief Executive Officer


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