Possible Cuts to Federal Programs May Impact Literacy
Posted by Peter Waite on March 01, 2017

Recent hints of program elimination stir up concern for many. 

Spring is traditionally budget season in Washington, D.C., and this spring will bring a number of recommendations and proposals that may give us a hint of what is to come for adult literacy at the federal level. For instance, last week, it was suggested that a number of federal programs that support literacy programs may be on the “hit list” for elimination. 

While the President Trump’s proposed budget won’t likely be released until late spring, a draft, or “skinny” budget, will be out in mid-March. The recent hints of program elimination, however, are causing serious concern around the country. 

For literacy programs, the most significant hint of potential elimination is that of the Corporation for National Service, which includes the AmeriCorps, VISTA, and Senior Service America. These programs have traditionally provided hundreds of volunteers for literacy programs throughout the nation. 

It is our hope that these “hints” are just that and nothing more. But, to ensure the administration and Congress know about the importance of these programs, we are beginning a concerted campaign to share our feelings. We will be joining with other national organizations to express our support for these vital resources.

In the coming weeks, we will share ways in which the literacy field can help us express this support. We anticipate that this will be just the beginning of potential reductions that could significantly affect our network, and we will continue to monitor, share, and comment on actions that may be detrimental to our programs, staff, volunteers, and, most of all, students.

Please leave your input in the comment section below. 


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