What Writing Style Reflects Your Personality?
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on March 17, 2017

Which Writing Style Will You Choose?

Your writing style is not much different than the tone of your voice—it is how you express your message. Your writing style is conveyed by your choice of words and your use of imagery, symbolism, allusion, syntax, metaphor, diction, and other literary elements. 

In written composition, style is defined as what the author feels about the subject and how he or she answers the following questions: 

  • Why am I writing this? 
  • Who is my audience? 
  • What do I want readers to understand and take from this?

Style is just one piece of the writing process that will be covered in ProLiteracy Education Network’s newest course, Writing Without Fear: The Writing ProcessIn the creative writing section of the course, we use what we call the J. Peterman experience as an entertaining approach to teaching creative writing. The J. Peterman Company is an online catalog known for its writing styles using unique and interesting item descriptions. 

We’ve applied some of the catalog’s writing styles to create a fun quiz where you can get a feel for the J. Peterman experience. Based on your personality and your preferences, you can find out if you’re more susceptible to descriptive, persuasive, or objective tones in writing. 

Which style reflects your personality? Let us know how you did on social media and keep on writing!

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