African Nonprofit Tackles Poverty with Adult Literacy
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on April 20, 2017 in categoryStories from the FieldcategoryNews

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 47.5 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. Millions of people do not have access to education and lack the literacy skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty. Organizations around the world like Engage Now Africa, however, exist to tackle the staggering number of individuals and families living in poverty.  

Engage Now Africa is a nonprofit organization made up of individuals who recognize the overwhelming need to save children’s lives and reduce poverty in the communities and districts throughout Africa. The group currently works in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Namibia, and Ethiopia. The organization’s mission is to engage and strengthen individuals, families, and communities by introducing and teaching various principals of sustainability and stability including:

Education and adult literacy
Orphan support
Medical services
Eradication of modern slavery
Clean water

Improving Adult Education with Literacy Tools & Training

One of Engage Now Africa’s greatest emphases is on improving adult education by providing communities with literacy tools to help individuals and families improve their quality of life in the long-term. The organization provides education facilitators with the training, accommodations, and tools they need to enhance the learning experience of students. Engage Now Africa’s adult literacy model is supported and funded by communities and their leaders, tribal chiefs, local government ministries, the Peace Corps, and other non-governmental organizations across Africa. 

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This year, Engage Now Africa is celebrating a record high graduation rate for adult literacy students. “This has been the biggest literacy graduation we have had since the inception of the program,” said Engage Now Africa Ghana Country Director Cecilia Amankwah.

Two hundred thirty-five adult literacy participants in the northern region of Africa have passed the nonprofit’s literacy program. Two hundred of the graduates are from Ghana’s Gupanarigu community of the Kumbungu district, while the rest of the graduates came from the Nasia in the Walewale district. 

Last month, the adult literacy students’ graduation was celebrated during an event attended by 500 guests, including chiefs and directors of participating districts, families, and members of supporting communities. The graduates performed a drama based on the importance of education, read from the books they used to gain their literacy skills, and recited poems their facilitators used during instruction. 

You can learn more about the organization, and watch some of the wonderful success stories of Engage Now Africa’s adult literacy students.

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Like Engage Now Africa, ProLiteracy believes that adult education is the foundation of breaking the cycle of generational poverty, and empowering societies. We support literacy instruction in 25 countries, operating with a network of grassroots partner programs that include health organizations, human rights agencies, and libraries. Learn more about our international programs. 


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