HBO’s Veep Supports Adult Education and ProLiteracy
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on May 09, 2017 in categoryNewscategoryAdvocacy


Have you seen Veep?  HBO’s critically acclaimed political satire entered its sixth season and has collaborated with ProLiteracy to support adult education.

This season, lead character Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), the former President of the United States, creates The Meyer Fund For Adult Literacy in an effort to define her legacy by creating awareness about adult literacy. Through her fund, Meyer claims to be leading the fight against low adult literacy through advocacy, raising awareness, and helping adult students learn to read. 

While Veep is a satirical comedy with deliberate imitation, exaggeration, and ridicule for comic effect, the show’s producers are serious about—and committed to—raising adult literacy awareness. The Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy website includes a link to ProLiteracy’s website, where users can find information and statistics on adult literacy, local programs, and volunteering opportunities. 

Proliteracy is excited about this opportunity to bring much-needed national awareness to the adult literacy issue.

About Veep:

Veep is set in the office of the former President of the United States, Selina Meyer. The series follows Meyer and her comical team of colleagues as they dodge the routine political games of Washington, D.C., and leave a lasting legacy. 

Meyer puts out political fires, balances her bizarre personal and professional life, and does everything within her power to stay relevant. She accomplishes this all while surviving an onslaught of insensitive, vulgar, and slightly awkward situations with her friends and colleagues.

You can find previous episodes here. 

In HBO's critically acclaimed political satire Veep, former President Selina Meyer officially supports adult literacy as well as the fight against AIDS.


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