Student Stories: From Under Employed to Restaurant Manager
Posted by Ben Davis on May 16, 2017 in categoryStudent Stories categoryWomen's Empowerment

"My daughter saw me reading, and she wanted to do the same thing."

Flor, who read at a second-grade level, was working in a low-wage job in a packing house and was unable to help her struggling daughter in school. After seeking out literacy help at Literacy Services of Indian River County she was able to get a job as a restaurant manager and—most importantly—was able to help her daughter earn advanced placement in her middle school classes. Flor shares her story in her own words:

I am a 34-year-old married mother of a 12-year-old daughter and expecting my second daughter in 2 months. I have lived in Fellsmere, Florida, all my life. I graduated high school, but my reading was about second grade.

The reason I went back to school is my daughter. One day, my daughter's teachers called me. She said that my daughter needed help with reading. I knew I couldn't read well, so I started to look for help. A friend told me about Literacy Services. Then I went to ask for help.

When I started with my tutor, I was working in a packing house, but I wanted out of there and to get a better job. Eight months later, I was able to get work in a pizza restaurant. I was a manager there running the store.

I have taken courses at the community college (to become a) child care aide. I have passed two of the seven tests needed for the certificate. In order to have tutoring, I have had to change from full-time work to part-time. My husband is happy that I am studying.

As a mother, I noticed when I went back to study (that) my daughter saw me reading, and she wanted to do the same thing. I learned reading much better. Now she is in advanced classes in her middle school.

Now I can read letters from the bank and understand them. Now I can call the bank and ask about my house mortgage. I can read letters from my daughter’s school and her grade report card easily.

I hope to start my own business someday. I want my daughter to get a better education than I did. I want her to go to college. I want her to take care of herself and depend on herself. My daughter tells me that she plans to go to college.

Furthering your education, whether it’s through a vocational school, a high school equivalency degree, or secondary school, has been proven to have significant economic gains compared to those who never attempted to further their education after leaving school.

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