Letters for Literacy: Raise Awareness for Adult Basic Education with Your Words
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on June 12, 2017 in categoryNewscategoryAdvocacy

How would you stand up for something you believe in? Would you attend forums, take part in or manage an awareness fundraiser, join an advocacy group and protest, repeatedly make posts across social media, start a blog, or make a call to your local representative? What about writing a letter to your representative? 

Writing a letter to elected officials at the state and national levels of government—members of congress, your governor, and other local representatives—can make a world of difference. It is the simplest and most effective way to express your point of view directly and completely. Legislators are there to represent us, the people. Your letter serves to educate them about an issue, and explain why you feel they should take action for/against that issue. Receiving a swarm of constituent mail can greatly impact the way a legislator votes on a particular issue.

Include information that supports your position and how the proposed legislation affects you personally. Your words are focused and your request is backed up by the problem, the research and statistics, the need for change, and, most importantly, what it means to you. 

Letters for Literacy 


President Donald Trump has released his proposed budget for FY2018. The budget includes dramatic cuts to adult education funding and complete elimination of many federal programs that support adult literacy, workforce development, and human services. The Department of Education is facing an overall cut of $9 billion (13%), including a $95 million cut (16%) to Adult Education and Family Literacy state grants.

Other key points that impact adult literacy are:

  • 15% cut to career and technical education
  • 10% cut in family assistance grants for the 
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) 
  • Complete elimination of: 

  • Institute for Museum and Library Services
  • Corporation for National and Community Services (includes Americorps and VISTA volunteering programs)
  • Community Service Block Grants
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (includes initiatives that support HSE learning)


It is critical that we advocate against these deep cuts that will hurt adult literacy programs, learners, and families. Please tell Congress not to pass a budget that increases defense spending by $52 billion at the expense of programs that help further the education, health, and employment of Americans.


How Can You Act to Support Adult Education? 

Join our Letters for Literacy campaign to get all the information you need to be a part of the movement to advocate against critical budget cuts. 

You can also find your representative’s contact information and support adult literacy over the phone. We also recently produced a new white paper, The Case for Investment in Adult Education, which can be used as an effective source to educate stakeholders. 

Your words can make a difference for adult literacy. 


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