Student Stories: It’s Never Too Late to Earn a GED®

It’s Never Too Late to Earn a GED®

When we hear about adult learners who are succeeding in their efforts to gain basic literacy skills, we want to share their stories with you. Today, we are sharing the stories of two men featured in their local news for their achievements. Crisanto Luna is a man in his 90s who reached for his dreams, and Marco Johnson is a janitor who found support and success from a middle school. 

Crisanto Luna

 “My wife passed away, and my life changed.”

—Crisanto Luna

After being married for 60 years, Crisanto Luna lost his beloved wife. He decided to keep himself distracted from his grief by completing his education. And at age 91, Luna earned his diploma. 

Luna spent three years attending Highlands Adult Education Program in San Antonio, Texas. With the help and encouragement of his teachers and three daughters, he passed his classes and accomplished his goal of earning a diploma. 

After being presented with an honorary GED diploma by the Highlands Adult Education Program, Luna has decided that he wants to further his education and achieve his next goal of becoming superintendent.

“I want to keep on living, until God calls me.”
—Crisanto Luna

Watch San Antonio’s KSAT Channel 12’s story about Crisanto Luna here. 

Marco Johnson

Marco Johnson had the support of not only his family, but the faculty and students at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. 

Johnson is a custodian at the middle school. He believes that the family-like support he has received for over 10 years at the school is what helped him earn his GED. The faculty and students were the ones who provided him the additional resources and the encouragement he needed to push forward. 

When Johnson was 16, his mother passed away the same week as his graduation exam. Struggling to deal with his loss, Johnson dropped out of high school. After years of attempting to get into classes and pass GED tests, he finally found a program where he could achieve his goal. He enrolled in a course at Lawson State Community College and earned his high school equivalency diploma. 

Johnson plans to continue his education by taking additional college courses. Meanwhile, he will work at another longtime goal of his—to save up enough money to buy a headstone for his mother’s grave-site. 

“You can have visions and dreams about what you want or how you see yourself, but to actually be living it is something totally different.”
—Marco Johnson

Read’s inspirational story about Johnson here.

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