Member Spotlight: A Homerun for Washington Literacy Center

The 2017 Congressional Baseball Game almost didn’t happen after a shooting occurred at the Republicans team’s practice just days before. But the game went on and it ended up being a grand slam. Everyone involved was a true all-star, and regardless of who won the game, the real winner was literacy. 

Every year, Senate and House members of the Republican and Democratic parties team up to resolve some quarrels and raise money and awareness for three Washington, D.C.-based charities: the Washington Literacy Center, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and the Nationals Dream Foundation.

At this year’s game, people set aside their differences to come together and support one another after the shooting. This outpouring of support led to record breaking ticket sales and fundraising. The game raised $1.5 million and sold 24,959 tickets, and as a result, the charities benefited even more.  

Among the three charities is the Washington Literacy Center (WLC), a ProLiteracy member for over 15 years, and the focus of this member spotlight. 

Adult Literacy in the Capitol

Since 1963, WLC has helped adults gain all of the basic literacy skills they need to gain work and stay out of poverty. The once all-volunteer nonprofit now operates its programs with the help and dedication of professionally trained instructors, as well as passionate volunteers. 

WLC provides direct instruction in reading and writing for adult learners who wish to enroll in a GED® program, job-training program, or who want to obtain or improve current employment. Classes span a range of topics for adults who read below a fifth-grade level, including reading, writing, comprehension, math, computer literacy, workforce and occupational literacy, and integrated instruction. 

Congratulations to this vibrant and growing nonprofit for being a part of the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game, and thank you for all the work you do to help low-literate adults in Washington, D.C., break down barriers. 


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