23 Years of Adult Education Materials
Posted by Jennifer Vecchiarelli on August 08, 2018 in categoryStories from the Field

ProLiteracy just completed its 23rd year of the National Book Fund®. 

For years, many programs couldn’t afford the quantity of updated materials needed to serve their learners and instructors. To help these programs overcome this hurdle, ProLiteracy established the National Book Fund in 1995. Every year since then, we have raised money through the fund to award educational materials and resources to adult literacy programs throughout the U.S.

This year, we are excited to say we awarded over $140,000 worth of materials to 82 programs. We were able to give away such a large amount of materials thanks to some very generous donations, and grants. In addition, our 2017 Giving Tuesday campaign zeroed in on the vital need for programs to have good quality educational materials. We are very grateful for the success of this campaign and how it enabled us to award so many National Book Fund grants. 

This was also our first year using an online application process, which we are happy to say was a success. The online application allowed us to streamline the process for both applicants and the ProLiteracy National Book Fund application review committee.

As the National Book Fund continues to grow, we continue to inch closer to our goal to change lives through the power of literacy. We look forward to many more years of awarding programs with materials that allow them to educate learners and strengthen their communities.

Visit the National Book Fund page for more information or to make a donation. Additionally, below is a downloadable infographic with the most up-to-date stats on the fund, including the total number of students served and materials awarded. 

Download the Infographic



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