Getting Loud for Literacy

Be Loud for Literacy

According to our annual omnibus survey conducted with 1,000 participants nationwide, only 13 percent of people are aware of local adult literacy and basic education programs in their communities. How can this number be so low? How can so many adults who need the help not know about such great available programs and resources?  

Reaching More Adult Learners, Being Loud for Literacy

Statistics show 1 out of every 6 adults in New Haven, Connecticut, do not have their high school diploma. Additionally, 30 percent of the city’s citizens do not know how to read or struggle to read proficiently. With such a high number, how can the community ever reach all of these adult learners?

With the staggering statistics of low literacy communitywide in mind, members of one exceptional adult basic education program decided to make some noise and let their voices be heard. New Haven Adult and Continuing Education has gone the extra mile to let its community know that there is help for adults with low literacy who want to achieve an education and strengthen their lives. 

Before the start of the school year, more than 100 New Haven Adult and Continuing Education staff members held a rally to encourage New Haven residents who did not complete their education to return to school. Of the many 17- to 70-year-old adult learners the program helps, 150 graduated last year. The program wants to see this already exceptional number increase, and continue its “No Excuses Tour” to raise awareness for, and reach more, adult learners. 

This rally was just one stop on the No Excuses Tour. "We’re going to be sending teams all over the city, including right across the street at City Hall, the Board of Education, down in Newhallville, at the Stetson Library and in Fair Haven on Grand Avenue," said Michelle Bonora, principal of the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center.

A year ago at age 46, Tracey Davis Massey decided to enroll in classes at the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center on Ella Grasso Boulevard. “This was it. This was the final call, and I wanted to show my children that I can do it just as well as you can do it,” she said.

How Can We ALL Be Loud for Literacy?

We strongly encourage adult literacy and basic education programs across the globe, like New Haven Adult and Continuing Education, to raise their voices. There or more than 8 million adult learners out there who need you but may not know that you exist and that you can help. Stand out in the crowd and make some noise with a rally of your own. 

Has your program made a push in your community to reach more adult learners? Share your story with us by contacting  

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