A Student Story: From No English to Nursing School-Bound

Image of adult literacy student and tutor

Dolma Tsering moved to the US three years ago from a small village in Tibet. She and her family moved here to open their now successful shop in Blacksburg, Virginia, the Himalayan Curry Café (FaceBook page).

“When I came here and didn’t speak English …” Dolma said in an interview. “It’s very hard to communicate to people.” She does just about everything at the café, from taking orders to cooking and cleaning.

To help her with her communication skills, Dolma sought the help of tutor Emily Smith, owner of the freelance editing service Editing by Emily. With Emily’s help, Dolma developed her literacy and English language skills and obtained her driver’s license.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience for me,” Emily said in an interview. “It’s really only two hours a week, plus planning. Not that much, but it can make such an impact on person’s life and give them independence to achieve their goals and dreams. So, I definitely recommend it to other people.”

Now Dolma is ready to conquer new dreams, including becoming a nurse. She wants to make an impact and help people the way people like Emily have helped her.

“She is a great person,” Dolma said, referring to Emily. “Sometimes I don’t understand the big words and she explains for me slowly and she makes sentences that work.”

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