Their First Teacher, Their Mother

Their First Teacher, Their Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

A mother is a strong and devoted woman who empowers her children and guides them throughout life to find happiness, fulfillment, and success. She is their first and number one teacher.

This week in News for You, adult learners wrote about what they learned from their mothers. News for You, a product of New Readers Press, is an easy-to-read newspaper in print and online that helps adults learn to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

You can view all of the learners’ writing at What I Learned from My Mother. To access the article, you will have to enter “mother” in the password field in the black bar near the top of the page. Here are just a few great student stories to start.


One important thing I learned from my mother is people are equal no matter their gender or age.

During my third-grade year, one day I refused to go to school because I thought my parents treated my brother better than me. I got very upset about the “unfairness.” To protest, I left home, wandering along the country road without a destination in my mind. My mother followed me, keeping a distance and calling my name repeatedly in a soft and comforting voice.

After being followed for about an hour, I realized my thought about my parents’ treatment was wrong. I was just too sensitive and they didn’t mean to treat my brother and me differently at all.

It was getting dark. I calmed down, ran back to my mother’s chest, and said to her, “Mom, I’m sorry for making you walk so long. Let’s go home.”

She smiled with relief and said, “That’s all right, my silly girl. See, everyone is equal –– YOU walk, I walk.” We laughed and hugged.

I returned to school the next day.

—Pin Zhang, Birmingham, Alabama


Letter to Mom

Hi Mom!

It’s me, your daughter.

Remember when you showed me the “Write For News For You!” advertisement? And I replied, “I don’t have time for this.” Yet here I am, writing this letter to you and letting the thoughts sink in as I try to answer the question in the prompt: What’s one important thing you learned from your mother?

It’s hard to piece all the memories into one single thing I’ve learned from you. It’s even harder to put that single thing down on paper! All that I’ve learned from you is important in some way. I could list a dozen common words that all mean something (determination, patience, thought, endurance, creativity, loyalty, love, etc.) but don’t mean everything.

There is only one word that means everything.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you so much.

Because the most important thing I learned from you is everything.

—Sincerely, your daughter :)

Felicia Mo, Fremont, California



“A mother’s love and sacrifice for her child is unconditional,” according to the author Sadhna Joshi. This means that a mother can do anything for her child to become happy and successful, even when she may encounter problems. I only can comprehend the meaning of this quote until I become a mother. Being a mother, I have been discovering the sacrifice that my mother had made for me, and I am learning to do it for my children with all my love. It could be minor sacrifices about food, time, and beauty, but it also could be huge things, such as refusing a job promotion or opportunity, and happiness. However, I believe that all mothers’ sacrifice does not only bring benefits to our children, but it also creates a better future for the world with their unconditional love. 

—Hao Tran, Lawrence, Kansas

New Readers Press, News for You



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