3 Ways Literacy is a Building Block in Africa

3 Ways Literacy is a Building Block in Africa

Check out these three amazing literacy programs in Africa that work with their communities to empower both youth and adults to take charge of and change their lives.

Ready for Reading

From preschoolers to grandparents, Ready for Reading tackles the literacy challenges faced by many individuals in Rwanda. The program intertwines the country’s powerful culture of reading with encouraging participation in girls and boys LitClubs, music and basketball programs that integrate reading and IT training, enrichment classes, e-reader classes, and community-wide events focused on both literacy and culture.

The various education programs available through Ready for Reading are held at its 7,800-square-foot library, which was built in 2012. Serving a rural community of 32,000 and a catchment area of 330,000, the library serves as the area’s sole location for youth and adults to cultivate literacy, creativity, and self-confidence.

There are a variety of programs to help individuals develop their literacy skills:

  • ICT Program – increases access to information technology education
  • Kinyarwanda Literacy Class – a basic literacy class for adult learners
  • English Learning Program – an English as a second language adult education class
  • Music Program – general music education for youth and adults
  • Schools Enrichment – an English language skill-building class for youth
  • ECD-Harmony School – a class established for 3- to 6-year-old children in underserved areas

Learn more about Ready for Reading, an inspirational program that breaks the barriers to literacy and education, here.


Africa Educational Trust

Africa Educational Trust supports individuals across the continent who have been excluded from educational opportunities due to conflict, discrimination, inequality, and poverty. The program provides services in a number of difficult and conflict-affected areas, including Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya.

With the help of local communities, employees, and political structures, Africa Educational Trust designs and implements new innovative solutions to educational challenges faced by marginalized people, and improves the quality and availability of education for its communities. Africa Educational Trust facilitates a number of programs, including those for girls and women. The program works with women and girls to address specific challenges, including:

  • making schools female-friendly with proper sanitation facilities and private, safe places to study
  • training women to provide mentorship and life skills to young girls
  • providing scholarships for struggling families
  • helping women prepare for careers
  • combining literacy and numeracy training with vocational skills

Additionally, Africa Educational Trust also hosts a variety of projects including Radio Education, a way to provide pre-recorded lessons via the radio; Libraries and Literacy, a project designed to provide mobile libraries via donkeys, etc. throughout the community; Recovering from Street Life, to help street children re-enter education and build a life away from the streets;  and many more.

Learn more about this amazing program and the many opportunities it provides here.



EKARI is a community-based nonprofit that provides adult literacy services and supports economic and education development in Malawi. Since 2009, the program has provided a number of services to empower communities and enable youth and adults to move up and out of poverty.

EKARI’s many great services empower 200 adults annually not only to gain literacy skills and education, but to pass their knowledge and skills on to their family and fellow community members. Some of the program’s long-term and learning-based services include:

  • Student Tuition Program: Students can achieve high school and higher education without the burden of high tuition fees.
  • Student Support Program: Until individuals are employed, students are supported with textbooks and other education materials, tutoring and mentorship, nutrition, computer skills, medical care, career services, and more.
  • Community Program:Through literacy and agriculture and entrepreneurship training, the program aids in economic community development. This is done by establishing Village Savings and Loan Associations and training families how to grow their own food supply.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods Program: EKARI partners with local governments to help form Village Savings and Loan groups with financial literacy, business, and agricultural training.
  • Adult Literacy Programs: EKARI runs more than 10 adult literacy programs that help adults learn to read, write, do basic math, and understand vital information about health and human rights.

Learn more about this inspirational program that devotes its services to empowering communities to grow and foster the needs of individuals here.



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