The CrowdED Learning Solution
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The CrowdED Learning Solution

It’s time for another article from the new ProLiteracy online research journal, Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy.

The free peer-reviewed journal will be available twice per year and publishes research on adult basic and secondary education and transitions into the workplace and higher education. Discover great and in-depth research that reflects best practices in adult education to inform practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and funders.

An excerpt from this week’s article in the spotlight, “The CrowdED Learning Solution”, by David J. Rosen, is highlighted below.

Description of the Challenge

Finding high quality, free or open education resource teaching and learning resources on the Internet is a common challenge for adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) teachers. Several years ago, there weren’t many instructional resources on the web; now that problem has been solved, but teachers complain that it is difficult to sort out among the many instructional resources the ones that are high quality, that are for the subject they teach (e.g., numeracy/math, reading, writing, science, social studies or ESL/ESOL), for the levels of their students, and that cover the particular content standards they must address, for example the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS). There are many websites that address this challenge for K-12 teachers, including those that align lesson plans and other instructional content with the Common Core State Standards, but, in my role as moderator of the LINCS Integrating Technology group, I am often asked if there is one specifically for Adult Basic Skills teachers. Until now, my answer has been “no.”

A Possible Solution

There isn’t yet a fully developed, comprehensive, web-based solution to the problem. Most adult basic skills publishers have aligned their online instructional materials to the CCRS. Many of these proprietary sites offer high quality instructional materials, and it is usually easy to determine the subject and level of these materials; however, no publisher has attempted to bring all the adult basic skills online curricula into one easy-to-use comprehensive site. Adult basic skills teachers can find free or Open Education Resources for adult learners, notably in the OER Commons “Adult Education” level, and there have been some efforts to create new lesson plans for adult learners by teachers using a Google Documents tool and a HyperDocs template. While all of these are useful efforts, none have a vision that is large enough to address the challenge, to meet the needs as teachers describe them.

One promising solution that will provide a free searchable database of OER, free and proprietary instructional resources, and that enlists adult basic skills teachers’ support in creating and/ or recommending existing free or OER adult basic skills education lesson plans and other instructional resources, is being proposed by CrowdED Learning. This article is a review of CrowdED Learning’s current website, how it came to be, what the project is intended to accomplish, and what free services it offers adult basic skills teachers now. We also look at the free SkillBlox tool to be developed in 2019 to take on this challenge more comprehensively.

Read the full article here.

Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy



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