Lancôme and ProLiteracy Partner to Increase Women’s Literacy Skills

Lancôme and ProLiteracy Partner to Increase Women’s Literacy Skills

Lancôme USA has partnered with ProLiteracy to combat low literacy among women in the United States through its philanthropic initiative, Write Her Future. To achieve this, together we launched the Write Her Future Institute, a program to increase literacy rates among women and raise awareness of this critical issue of low adult literacy that affects 43 million adults in the United States, two-thirds of whom are women. By partnering with ProLiteracy, Lancôme USA has the power to transform the lives of thousands of women over a three-year period to increase their literacy levels and give them the opportunity to improve their lives and those of their families.

ProLiteracy and Lancôme worked together to develop the Write Her Future Institute to empower women through literacy, by providing the opportunities and tools for women to improve their lives. The Lancôme grant to ProLiteracy will provide free access to Voxy®, a personalized language learning platform that pairs authentic content with personalized live instruction—all delivered in a fully mobile experience. Adult literacy programs can apply for free one-year Voxy licenses at

To launch the Write Her Future Institute, Lancôme presented a check to ProLiteracy in honor of the birthday of its brand ambassador, Zendaya, on September 4, 2019, at the Macy’s Herald Square flagship store in New York City.

For over 80 years since its founding in 1935, Lancôme has served consumers worldwide as the leading luxury beauty products brand. “We know that women who lack basic reading and writing skills have a hidden handicap that can seriously hamper their own lives as well as those of their families,” says Suriya Parksuwan, President, Lancôme USA. “This partnership seems natural for Lancôme, whose mission since the very beginning was to help women on their journey towards happiness and self-fulfillment.”

Adult education helps break the cycle of intergenerational illiteracy and poverty by empowering women with the skills they need to be successful. Through this exciting partnership, ProLiteracy and Lancôme foresee a world where women can gain literacy to get better jobs, improve their health, leave abusive relationships, break the cycle of poverty, and support their families. In this first-time partnership with Lancôme USA, ProLiteracy is very excited to reach new diverse audiences to raise awareness and improve literacy outcomes for women.


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