Introducing a Revolutionary Career Pathways Platform for Adult Learners
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Workforce Atlas, an online career pathways platform for adult learners

ProLiteracy is proud to introduce Workforce Atlas.

Workforce Atlas is an online career pathways platform designed exclusively with the adult learner in mind. It has been established to be an engaging, intuitive, and learner-friendly platform that adults can use to assess their literacy, numeracy, and career skills and interests. The multifaceted online platform is a comprehensive resource intended to “show” rather than “tell” adults about career recommendations suitable for them. The recommendations are based on hundreds of unique occupations informed by the open-source data from O*Net, a constantly-updated source of occupations from the Department of Labor.

ProLiteracy and Pearson, founding partner of Project Literacy, joined forces in 2017 to create the Workforce Atlas platform to help address our country’s workforce challenges. It encourages learners to explore their full potential, and it gives them the tools and connects them with providers to help realize their academic and occupational dreams.

The motivation to develop such a robust career pathways platform for adult learners stemmed from the passion of a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Dan Wagner. Dr. Wagner developed a web platform for out-of-school youth to assess their literacy and numeracy skills to determine eligibility for select professions and to provide potential pathways for further academic and professional development. Together, ProLiteracy and Project Literacy were able to build on Dr. Wagner’s work and create an innovative and uniquely personalized platform.


How It Works


Workforce Atlas was specifically designed with all literacy levels in mind.


On the Workforce Atlas website (, adults can create an account that, in the long term, will help them keep track of their assessment progress, career pathway recommendations, and favorite resources.


The completed assessments will direct users to recommended occupations, online resources, and local providers that can help them achieve their professional, academic, and personal goals.


Why Organizations Should Use Workforce Atlas


Through its partnership with Project Literacy, ProLiteracy has developed a high-quality and proven-effective online platform that can be useful with diverse adult learning audiences. To accomplish this, Workforce Atlas was piloted over the course of five months at four different organizations across the country. Additionally, ProLiteracy worked with an outside evaluation team from Results for Development (R4D) to collect data from each pilot site.


During the pilot stage, the overall feedback concluded that  users felt they received accurate occupation recommendations that they would consider and/or are already pursuing. The assessments instilled confidence seeing what they could achieve for their futures. In addition, they found the resume template included in the Resources section of the platform very helpful.


An Implementation Guide is available to provide educators and program directors with the tools to get the most value out of Workforce Atlas. The guide includes information on the platform, and our pilot findings based on the different sized organization we worked with. The guide can be used as a ready-made toolkit to assist in exploring how Workforce Atlas can add value to organizations’ goals and literacy initiatives.


Adult literacy organizations and programs can greatly benefit from having adult learners use Workforce Atlas. The platform can be implemented by many different types of programs and for many purposes. It can be accessed on an individual level in workforce training; or within local service providers with basic literacy or ESL programming. 


To learn more and check it out for yourself, please visit



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