A Big Day for ProLiteracy
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ProLiteracy accepts Literacy Award from XPrize

ProLiteracy Wins Tier 2 of the Barbara Bush Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition Presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

ProLiteracy has been announced as the Tier 2 winner of the Barbara Bush Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation, a national competition that challenged organizations and communities to empower adults with low literacy skills by placing them with free and effective learning apps. ProLiteracy has been awarded with $100,000 for obtaining the most app downloads of Tier 2 competitors, exceeding a minimum threshold of 1,500 users who worked with the apps on at least three separate days.

Along with this honor, the office of Ben Walsh, Mayor of the City of Syracuse, recognized November 21, 2019, to be ProLiteracy Recognition Day.  ProLiteracy was acknowledged for its commitment to improving the lives of low-literate adults in the City of Syracuse and nationwide.

Mayor of Syracuse recognizes ProLiteracy

What is Adult Literacy XPRIZE® Communities Competition?

The Barbara Bush Adult Literacy XPRIZE hosted a two-phase adult literacy competition with a prize purse of $1 million to create, distribute, and expand access of innovative mobile learning apps. Phase One was the development phase, which called on competing teams to create mobile learning apps for adult learners. Phase Two called on competing teams to position the top four apps from Phase One into the hands of participants ProLiteracy participated in the second phase of the competition by recruiting adult learners to download and use the learning apps. The winners of Phase Two were chosen based on the amount of participants who downloaded and used the app under each team’s unique code.

What will ProLiteracy do with the prize money?

ProLiteracy will reinvest its $100,000 prize directly back into adult learners through the National Book Fund® and the Mobile Learning Fund to provide programs in need with quality printed and digital educational materials from New Readers Press, ProLiteracy’s publishing division. For more information on National Book Fund® and Mobile Learning Fund visit

Will the adult learners continue to use the apps?

Any participants that downloaded the apps during the XPRIZE® Adult Literacy Communities Competition will have free access to those apps for one full year following the competition.

ProLiteracy is excited that we are able to use these funds to continue to help raise adult literacy rates and improve lives worldwide.


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